Streak-backed Oriole

Oriole 2 LPHOTO, BLOG,

I may have posted this in the past as it is an older photo. This beautiful bird visited the Gilbert Water Ranch and was said to be one of the most photographed birds in the United States – very unusual for it to be in Arizona.

This shot was straight out of the camera. Largely hidden in some brush, I shot off a series of photos, and was surprised when I saw it on the computer. One of my favorite all time bird photos.

Burrowing Owl couple


I think that soon the Burrowing Owls in a field of Avondale will be gone. The fields are being plowed, agriculture is taking over, the land is being planted. I have watched these owls for years. Now most are gone – where I used to see up to a dozen, today we saw this couple (Yes, there are two in the photograph) and one other. I will miss them and hope they find new areas, farther out in rural spots