OK, lousy photo but interesting story. In this shot, Owlets are in the nest in the Saguaro, and you can see a silver of it on the right. Mama Owl is on the right Saguaro in the background. Papa Owl is on the Saguaro on the very left. We watched them and we knew who was who.

Mama was on the nest, then left and flew to the Saguaro in the background on the right in the photo. A coyote showed up beneath the owlets in the Saguaro with the nest. Coyote walked around in the bush beneath. He couldn’t get to the youngsters of course, but Mama Owl was upset. That’s when Papa Owl showed up and flew to the Saguaro on the left. Coyote left as soon as Papa showed up.

Eventually, after a few more flights, Mama flew back to the nest, Papa flew to another Saguaro. Everything then calmed down, Mama stayed with the kids, Papa hung around awhile and left, no coyote anymore.

I’ve heard the male hangs around even if we can’t see him, and I sure believe it. Mother Nature at her best.