Burrowing Owls

Watchful MAIN

These owls live in a man-made home. Because of disappearing habitat due to development, many Burrowing Owls were being forced out of their natural areas. Rescued by volunteers, and relocated to a temporary area to acclimate to a new place, they are quite adaptable and the relocation success is generally high. Without human help, these lovely creatures would certainly decrease in number. I would prefer we don’t have to do this, but performed by the right, knowledgeable, registered people, this program is very successful.

Good Websites & Yellow-headed Blackbird

There are many excellent websites on the net with free information for photographers. I will list them from time to time – those I’ve checked out and might be useful for you.

Here’s one on Creative Photography:   http://blog.photoshopcreative.co.uk/category/tutorials/page/3/

Yello-headed Blackbird BIRDS

These birds never stay still for long. This picture is softer than I like, but I felt lucky to capture him.