In my mind and heart I wish all animals were free. But that will never be, and I admit I loved interacting with this Sea Lion at OdySea today. He (or she) followed me, on the opposite side of the glass of course. Wherever I put my hand, he followed. Over and over, up for air, and back down to me again. It was a wonderful experience to be with this amazing and intelligent animal. And I admire the company for those they have rescued, especially the turtles.

Enoch, Black Leopard at Out of Africa

Enoch 11-18-18 BLOG, MAIN, LPHOTO

All leopard species are threatened. The good zoos and wildlife parks help to maintain the species. I’d rather see them all in the wild, but humans are still killing these beautiful animals for their coats. I also know I’ll never see them in the wild. I’ve traveled to many countries but probably from now on I’ll be photographing in the United States.

Enoch has a large enclosure and lives with other large cats. He’s a beauty.