Wildflowers are appearing in Arizona

Daisies 1 MAIN & BLOG

These bright daisies are growing along my lake. Reports for wildflowers this year are mixed, but hopefully we had enough rain for a good year. This was shot with my new mirrorless camera, the Fuji X-T1. I bought it for traveling on an airplane, but am sure I’ll use it for other endeavors too. I chose Fuji because when I put my eye up to the camera the LCD shuts off and the Viewfinder comes on. Also, all lens in the line fit all the cameras, similar to Nikon (and I’m definitely keeping all my Nikon equipment), unlike other companies where there are multiple series of lens fitting various cameras. And there were other reasons, including the ability to shoot high ISO (this was ISO 800) with no noticeable noise. Unfortunately, the big guys, Nikon and Canon, are behind on mirrorless. But Fuji and other companies are the innovators in this area, and I think it’s the wave of the future. Why carry a heavy camera and long lens with a DSLR when, eventually, the mirrorless will be just as good and maybe better – lighter weight, smaller lens. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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